Cleats vs Toe Cages

Cleats vs Toe Cages

I get this question extremely often.  Mostly because purchasing cleats, pedals, and cycling shoes is quite the investment, and obviously we all want know if it is even worth it?

I don't think I can express over text HOW MUCH investing in cycling shoes, cleats, and pedals will improve your experience on the bike! Literally life changing, especially if you're riding 5-6 days a week!

Toe cages almost force you to think that your weight is being supported in the front of the pedal, and often times we find ourselves pointing our toes on the down stroke, or even experiencing numbness in the toes, ahh! If you happen to ride properly with toe cages, bearing weight on the ball of your foot, you might be extremely familiar with pain in the arch of your foot.  

Needless to say, toe cages are pretty standard on stationary bikes because it's assumed you're just going to sit there and pedal (for the most part), but indoor cycling has evolved.  Riding out of the saddle has proven to be not only fun, but extremely challenging since you have to maintain control in the core and quads. 

I can guarantee that you will NOT regret making the investment! If you're not too sure where to start, click on the link below! It will take you to my Amazon Shop and there you will find everything you need!

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  • Adriana

    Hi thank you for all the helpful links. I want to get the combo too but it’s not available. Any other Amazon links you can share? I’m afraid of buying petals that don’t match my cleats.

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