Alright, alright, alright. So you're committed to the cause, down with the addiction, and FINALLY ready to invest in a brand new ride. Here are the ones worth throwing all that money at.

Stages Commercial Studio Bikes: SC3, SC2, and SC1 - $1,825 - $2,875

Maybe I am biased because I have them in my own studio, but please take into account that I have ridden A LOT of bikes over the last seven years. Stages bikes take the W here, or as I like to refer to them - The Ferrari of Bikes. These monsters can take a beating and still provide a clean ride. I am forever obsessed with how solid they feel as well as how easy they are to ride.  Whether you under 5ft tall or over 6'5", Stages bike offer such a wide range of adjustment, making it feel SUPER personalized.
Stages has 3 models available for purchase - SC3, SC2, and SC1.
The SC3 bikes are a little more specific to traditional/road, power/metrics/performance cycling type of training with it's handlebar design. I have a feeling that if you're reading this blog, this particular model MIGHT not be of interest to you, haha.
The SC2 (these are the ones I have at my studio) is specifically designed for rhythm-based rides! Soul Cycles all across the United States have recently transitioned to the SC2 from Schwinn - taking the opportunity to say I had them in my studio before they did, hahah. 
The SC1 Model was released in 2020 during the pandemic, which I feel like was great timing because so many people were looking for home equipment to purchase. The SC1 is the least expensive model of the 3 because its frame is made of steel instead of aluminum.  I personally can't even tell the difference between the SC2 and SC1 if I am being honest! I always recommend it to my subscribers that are interested in splurging on a bike!


A VERY Close 2nd Place...
I have to be honest and say that I was little apprehensive about this bike when I first heard about it, but MAN, it quite literally shocked the hell out of me! 
This bike is SOLID, and blows the Peloton bike out of the water when it comes to structure, quality, and design - the Peloton bike is very light and janky for my taste, but that's a story for another time. STRYDE is FAR from light and janky! I also love how smooth its ride is, along with its solid, "heavy feel". It was super easy to put together and is so aesthetically pleasing. 
Now for those specifically shopping for a bike to have at home, this one very well may take the W because it actually IS a "home bike", and not a commercial studio bike like Stages. It literally has all the bells and whistles.  It comes equipped with a 21.5" HD 1080P screen monitor that will connect to ANY device/app, allowing you to stream your favorite classes (obviously obsessed with that).  In addition to that, STRYDE has it's own amazing instructors that you can get access to for a monthly subscription fee of $29 per month! I personally have it set up in my bedroom and hop on every weekend for a low-impact sweat. This bike seriously deserves all the attention cause it is IMPRESSIVE. More people need to know about it! Worth every penny!


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